Meet Dr Stephens

Meet Dr Paul Stephens

Dentist Dr Paul Stephens Gosford photo

Dr Paul Stephens, of 7to7dentist, was not always a dentist! Well before starting his dental practice in Wyoming, just north of Gosford, he had a dental experience of his own when he was only a boy. After a teenage bike accident fractured Paul’s two front teeth, he needed some major dental work (two root canals and two crowns), This gave him a valuable insight, a first hand view of modern dentistry from a patients perspective. This experience, and the gentle, kind care he received pushed him towards a fulfilling career in dentistry.

Dr Paul Stephens initially worked for a number of years in Tasmania, the beautiful apple isle. Realizing that Tasmania, though beautiful, was far too cold, he flew north for the winter, where his new life was to start, on the Central Coast, with gorgeous sun and soft white sand.

Dr Paul Stephens has been working in the Gosford and Central Coast region for almost 15 years. He has worked in a variety of locations in the coast, privately, and also in public hospitals and juvenile gaols. For the last 11 years, has been working as a full time dentist in the same dental practice in the Gosford area.

Now Dr Paul Stephens has his own dental practice right here on the Central Coast 7to7dental “A Family Practice”.

The best compliment he often receives is when patients refer their family and friends to see him. Often, mum is in disbelief when her kids actually ENJOY their dental visit!