Financial Information

Flexible Financing

Dental treatment is never cheap. In fact, there is nothing more annoying, and expensive in the long run, as a ‘cheap dentist’. Dr Paul Stephens, of Wyoming, is proud to deliver excellent dental care for a reasonable and fair price on the Central Coast.

Dental Treatment Payment Plans

Here at 7to7dentist, Dr Paul Stephens is happy to offer a number of payment plans to allow patients on the Central Coast to have quality dentistry, without being burdened financially. Often patients wish to have the best possible treatment NOW, and then make arrangements for it to be paid for over a period of time. Other people may wish to have a discount for treatment plans paid for up front.

  1. Discount for treatment plans paid up front
  2. Monthly deductions on an approved credit card. This allows payments to be made many months in the future, which allows you to have quality dental care now, when you need it most.

In our Wyoming dental practice, we have the HICAPS facilities, to allow us to claim on your behalf. In fact, if you make the commitment to see us every six months, for a regular check and clean, then we will accept the health fund payment as full payment, for your preventive dentistry (ie check up, cleaning, and x-rays)

Teen medicare vouchers can be used, which is an excellent way for adolescents to have a no cost dental visit!