Welcome to 7to7dentist your Central Coast Dental Clinic

Dr Paul Stephens is the principle dentist of 7to7dentist, in Wyoming NSW, just north of Gosford, Central Coast, NSW.

Dentist Dr Paul Stephens Gosford photo$1000 FREE Dental care for children

Under the new “Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS)“, all children aged from 2-17 years, where the family receives FAMILY TAX BENEFIT A, can receive $1000 of dental care every two years. Dr Stephens is happy to ‘bulk bill’ patients under the new scheme. Read more.

No Gap Dentistry

We are proud to offer “No Gap Dentistry” for preventive care, when you see us every six months. After all, if you are in a health fund, you might as well use it, and achieve the best dental care possible.

Meet Dr. Stephens, Your Gosford Dentist

Dr Stephens is proud to have a caring, preventive practice, with beautiful modern decor, disabled access, and a massive ball pit for the kids to play in! He has a keen interest in wisdom teeth, caring for people with high decay rates, and treating periodontal disease. He is also excellent at diagnosing bad breath, or halitosis, and the reasons behind it occurring.   To learn more about Dr. Stephens, please visit his biography page.

Directions to Our Office

7to7dentist is located at the corner of Cary St, and Henry Parry Drive, Wyoming, two blocks south of Wyoming McDonalds. It is north after the “Invitation to Health” medical centre, just opposite Our Lady Of the Rosary Primary school, where all of Dr Stephens’s sons were schooled.  There is perfect parking onsite, and we are open extended hours, so that you do not have to miss work or school.  For more detailed directions please visit our contact page.

A Great Dental Experience for the Entire Family!

Browse the pages of my site, and I feel there is something here for everyone. A vibrant place for the kids to play, while mum gets her teeth whitened (not with ZOOM, but with a special, custom made flexible tray), dad hooks his iphone up to our free internet WiFi and checks us out on facebook while relaxing with a strong hot coffee in our patient lounge. We have an open day, the first Saturday of each month, from 10am to 11am. Come along, meet us, and see for yourself how comfortable dentistry can be!

Telephone us for a dental appoint 1300661771